Cellulose Powder

Cellulose Powder


Cellulose Powder

CelluTech Cellulose Powder offers increased properties in preventing sedimentation, acting as an emulsifier, and stabilizing emulsions. This versatile powder can be used as a thickener and opacifier in lotions and creams, providing texture and visual appeal. Its unique composition, combining the benefits of cellulose, makes it an excellent choice for formulations requiring suspension stability and emulsion performance. CelluTech Cellulose Powder ensures uniformity and longevity in cosmetic products, enhancing their overall quality and consumer experience.

Product Data Sheet

Parameters Specification
Description White or almost white powder, exhibits a degree of fineness, ranging from a free-flowing dense powder to a coarse one. It is a non-flowing material.
Solubility Slightly soluble in sodium hydroxide solution (1 in 20); Insoluble in water, in dilute acids, and in nearly all organic solvents.
Identification A The substance takes on a violet-blue color should be produced.
Identification B The degree of polymerization is greater than 440.
pH 5.0-7.5**
Water-Soluble Substance NMT 1.5%
Ether-Soluble Solution NMT 0.15%
Loss on Drying* NMT 6.5%**
Heavy Metals NMT 10 PPM
Residue on Ignition/Sulphated Ash NMT 0.3%
Assay (Dried) 97.0 - 102.0
Arsenic NMT 2 PPM
Microbial Limits
Total Viable Aerobic Count N.M.T. 1000/g**
Total yeast& Mould Count N.M.T 100/g**
Staphylococcus aureus Absent
Escherichia Coli Absent
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Absent
Salmonella species Absent
NMT: Not More ThanNLT: Not Less Than*: Customize as per customer requirements.**: More restrictive than a compendium.


  • Dietary Insoluble Fibre, Inert Material, Highly Pure - 99% & White, Natural Fibre, Tasteless
  • It is advantageous to the manufacturer to enhance the functional properties of food
  • Reduced fat pick-up / Providing non-calorie solid
  • Crispiness & Non-Browning properties give golden
  • Yellow colour to all Indian fried foods
  • To reduce loss of moisture
  • Inertness
  • Improve microwave properties
  • Bulking agent
  • Anticaking agent
  • Binding & Thickening agent
  • Stabilizer
  • Emulsifier
  • Volume Enhancement
  • Improve cling
  • Filler
  • Anti-Sticking extrusion aid

Packing Details

HDPE / Paper Bags

25Kg / 20Kg

HDPE / Corrugated Drums



20 Ft. (Approx. Wt.) : 11,000 Kg
40 Ft. (Approx. Wt.) : 21,000 Kg